Just Write

Writing gives self-expression for issues you may find too difficult or painful to discuss with anyone, even a counsellor.

Health Services recognise the benefits of writing as a therapeutic tool to assist in recovery and rehabilitation after trauma and illness.

Even if you can’t spell, or your grammar is bad, writing creatively coaxes issues out of the sub-conscious, allowing you to explore and deal with them in a positive and healing way.

With the help of a facilitator, it’s a different and enjoyable way of unloading stress and tension – a creative way of counselling.

Lapidus is an organisation dedicated to furthering creative words for health and wellbeing and information is available on their site, lapidus.org.uk

Write Exposure’s Cheslyn Baker MA is an active member of lapidus and runs Creative Counselling sessions in Leicestershire. For more information contact ches@writeexposure.co.uk